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Thanks For Noticing Me is a US based social media marketing company.  Their main goal is to help businesses create content while handling their social media accounts to grow their online presence.  


Started in 2012, Thanks For Noticing Me, is owned and operated by Alyssa Duclos.  Alyssa felt the need to reach out to companies struggling to be noticed, so she devised a plan and the company was born.


Alyssa works with many different genres, from authors and entertainment, to small businesses and the wedding industry, just to mention a few.  Her goal has always been the same.  To make your name known to others in a more professional setting.


"After a conversation with a friend, who told me I had the knack to get things done, I decided to embark on this journey." says Alyssa. "I wanted to alleviate the everyday stress most businesses have when trying to find content for their social media accounts.  I take the stress away."


If you're wondering where Alyssa got the name for her business, it comes from her love of Eeyore, who, when noticed by others, says, "Thanks for noticing me."  That's exactly what Alyssa and her company will do for you! Get You Noticed!

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